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Dolphin, Dragonfly, Equestrian, Horseshoe, Sea Life, Starfish, Turtle Jewelry and much more...

Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry: Horse and Equestrian Jewelry. Butterfly and Dog Necklaces. Animal Necklace Charms
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Keepsake Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry Charms. Not Just an accessory but a necessity for the animal lover!
A great selection of  sterling silver animal jewelry: Charms, Pendants, and Necklaces. We have all the most popular Animal Jewelry. All made in affordable sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Horse and Equestrian Jewelry Necklaces
Horse Jewelry Necklaces
Over 280 types of sterling silver Horse and Equestrian Necklaces.  Horse quotes and totems. Celebrate your love of horses with a horse necklace. Horse pendants and horse charms to make additional horse jewelry.
Sterling silver Horseshoe Necklaces. Horse Shoe Necklace Jewelry
Horseshoe Necklace
Over 140 Sterling silver Horseshoe Necklaces. Create your own horseshoe necklaces with sterling silver horseshoe charms.
 Sterling Silver Dog Charms
3D Dog Jewelry Charms
Dog jewelry charms that capture the essence of the many different characteristics of the dog. Mixed Dog breed charms. Dog quotes for dog lovers. These dog charms are perfect to design your own personalized dog jewelry. Dog necklace jewelry and Dog breed charms also included in this dog jewelry collection.

Butterfly Jewelry  
Sterling silver Butterfly Jewelry: Butterfly charms, pendants, necklaces and earrings.  Butterfly totems.


Dragonfly Jewelry
Dragonfly Jewelry Charms
Dragonfly jewelry charms, necklaces and  earrings. One of the most popular sterling silver dragonfly Jewelry collections. Design your own unique sterling silver dragonfly jewelry.
Sterling Silver Sea Shell Charm
Seashell Jewelry
This sterling silver seashell jewelry collection has seashell charms,  earrings and necklaces. Great nautical collection of animal jewelry.
Sterling silver Seahorse necklace
Sea Life and Ocean Life Jewelry

Sterling silver Sea life charms and Ocean life  jewelry such as Seahorses, Penguins, Manatee, Whale, Sail Fish charms. Totems for sea life.
Sterling Silver Starfish Jewelry Necklaces
Starfish Jewelry
Sterling silver Starfish jewelry. With the starfish jewelry collection you can design your own starfish jewelry.

Sterling Silver
Butterfly Jewelry Charms
Bull Charm
Cat Charm
Cougar Charm
Dog Breed Jewelry Charms
Dog Theme Charms
Dove Charm
Dragonfly Charms
Horse Jewelry Charms
Horse Jewelry Pendants
Horseshoe Necklace Charms
Lady Bug Charm
Monkey Charm
Parrot Charm
Unicorn Charm

Frog Jewelry Charms

Manatee Charm
Nautical Jewelry Charms
Penguin Charm
Sail Fish Charm
Starfish Charms
Sand Dollar Charms
Sea Horse Charms
Sea Shell Charms
Turtle Charms

Whale Tail Charm

Anchor, Sail Boat, Captains Wheel Charms

Silver Cross Necklaces  

Sterling Silver Mens Necklaces

Silver Mens Cross Necklaces

Celtic Necklaces

Sterling Silver Jewelry and Charms

Sports Jewelry

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Jewelry
Sterling Silver Celtic Jewelry and Irish Jewelry
Sterling silver turtle Jewelry
Turtle Jewelry
Design your own turtle jewelry. Sterling silver  turtle necklaces and turtle charms.
Sterling Silver Animal Jewelry charms
Animal Jewelry
Random collection of sterling silver animal jewelry charms and pendants. Design your own custom animal jewelry with any of these sterling silver animal charms.

Affirmation Jewelry Charms

 Word Jewelry Charms
We have over a 160 sterling silver word jewelry charms. They come in round and two heart styles. They serve well by adding them to animal charms to make animal totem jewelry.

Tiny Cat Head Charm
Cat Jewelry Necklaces
Cat jewelry charms. Great for necklaces and bracelets.

Dolphin Jewelry
Dolphin jewelry: Dolphin charms and pendants. Sterling silver dolphin necklaces.



Animal Quote of the Week for Animal Jewelry Lovers:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
(Mahatma Gandhi)


You won't find a better selection of sterling silver totem animal jewelry charms, pendants and necklaces anywhere on the web. Horse and Equestrian jewelry are the most popular type of animal on this web site followed by  dog jewelry, butterfly jewelry, and dragonfly jewelry.

The dog jewelry collection is so big it requires three dog jewelry pages. The horse jewelry collection requires four pages for display.  The bright, sparkly and reflective qualities of sterling silver are great for animal jewelry We have a very large collection of sterling silver animal jewelry on this web page.


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